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Catalogue of the Heads and Horns of Indian Big Game Bequeathed by A. O. Hume to the British Museum (Natural History)

R. Lydekker
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Hertfordshire (Cambridge County Geographies) by R. Lydekker (2012-12-13)

R. Lydekker
3. ISBN Zoomen

Hertfordshire by R Lydekker (2008-05-19)

R Lydekker
4. ISBN Zoomen

Wild Oxen, Sheep Goats of All Lands: Living and Extinct (Classic Reprint) by R. Lydekker (2015-09-27)

R. Lydekker
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English Men of Science: Sir William Flower

R. Lydekker
6. ISBN Zoomen

Phases of Animal Life. Past and Present

R. Lydekker
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Die geographische Verbreitung und geologische Entwicklung der Säugetiere. Aus dem Englischen von G. Siebert

R. Lydekker
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H. N. & J. W. Gregory & R. Lydekker. Hutchinson
9. ISBN Zoomen

The Deer of all Lands. A history of the family Cervidae living and extinct.

R. Lydekker
10. ASIN B00117BXZW

Life And Rock

R. Lydekker
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