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1. ISBN 184425657X Zoomen

Gladiator Ace: Bill 'Cherry' Vale, the RAF's Forgotten Fighter Ace

Brian Cull
2. ISBN 1904943551 Zoomen

Wings over Suez: The Only Authoritative Account of Air Operations During the Sinai and Suez Wars of 1956

Brian CullDavie NicolleShlomo Aloni
3. ISBN 1898697205 Zoomen

Twelve Days in May: The Air Battle for France & the Low Countries 10-21 May 1940, As Told by the Allied & German Pilots Themselves

Brian Cull
4. ISBN 1781555540 Zoomen

249 at Malta: Raf'S Top-Scoring Fighter Squadron

Brian Cull
5. ISBN 0948817674 Zoomen

Bloody Shambles: Volume Two: The Defence of Sumatra to the Fall of Burma

Christopher ShoresBrian Cull
6. ISBN 094881750X Zoomen

Bloody Shambles: Volume One: The Drift to War to the Fall of Singapore

Christopher ShoresBrian Cull
7. ISBN 1781556636 Zoomen

Fighters Over Malta: Gladiators and Hurricanes 1940-1942

Brian CullFrederick Galea
8. ISBN 1902304128 Zoomen

Twelve Days in May: The Air Battle for Northern France and the Low Countries, 10-21 May 1940, As Seen Through the Eyes of the Fighter Pilots Involved

Brian CullBruce LanderHeinrich Weiss
9. ISBN 1781556253 Zoomen

Battle for the Channel: The First Month of the Battle of Britain 10 July - 10 August 1940

Brian Cull
10. ISBN 1781556326 Zoomen

Fighters Over the Aegean: Hurricanes Over Crete, Spitfires Over Kos, Beaufighters Over the Aegean

Brian Cull
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